i wanna get witcha and take your pitcha.

*Deep breath in*

Ok, friends. Here’s the truth of it: Imma big fan of taking pictures. Not just Instagram pictures–fancy camera pictures.

For awhile now, I’ve been practicing practicing practicing and learning oodles about photography. But there’s an issue. I’m an anxiety-ridden perfectionist–killer combo, I know. So, the idea of putting my work out to the world makes me want to hurl.

You mean, I could be scrutinized?! People might not like my work? Are people going to roll their eyes at yet another girl with a nice camera who thinks she’s a photographer? Will people think I’m lame?!

Um. Yes. All of those things are likely to happen if they have not already.

But I can’t shake how much I love it. I love learning more about it. I love capturing memories for my friends and seeing their reactions. The rush I get when I take a priceless image is unbelievably refreshing. Admittedly, I feel super discouraged when I look at a poor quality picture I’ve taken–when my metering is off, it’s overexposed, out of focus, or just plain dumb-looking. It’s easy to fall into a “Who am I kidding? I can’t do this trash” attitude.

Then I look back on the last 4 years that I’ve been learning about photography and realize that I’ve gone from taking an engagement photo like this:

DSC_0195// That light. That vignette! God help us all. Two beautiful subjects, and I’ve done them no favors. //

To capturing an engagement photo like this:


// Disclaimer: this is not to say Liz is an upgrade from Danielle…you’re both stunnas. //

Sweet gracious. I have learned so much. In terms of technique, I’m certainly an amateur. Am I quitting my job to become a full-time photographer? Girl, please. I simply want to keep growing in my skills and gain more experience.

There’s still so much I need to understand about this field. I’m grateful to have learned from talented people like my cousin who have inspired me to be bold in this crazy love of mine. Señor and many of my friends keep believing in me and pushing through my self-doubt. And, boy, is that self-doubt screaming its ugly brains out.

I don’t claim to be exceptional. I don’t even claim to be good. But I do feel like I’m improving. And I would love more practice.

Maybe even on you?

So, here it goes. If you feel so inclined, I’d be honored if you would check out my work. Perhaps even schedule a session with me if you live nearby or know that I’ll be visiting. And if you have an opinion, be nice to this perfectionistic soul. I’m just here to learn.


*Deep breath out*


10 thoughts on “i wanna get witcha and take your pitcha.

  1. Hey i think you will be visiting soon…we have great photo opportunities in Superior! You are very gifted – thst is why you are the family photographer! Love you!

  2. hi! this was a really funny post, and one I can relate to in many ways… I checked your portfolio and I actually think you are pretty good! really liked some of the photos, like the one with the couple in a bench under a red tree :)

  3. I just threw away least 200 photographs last night and many more are to follow. No one wants to see our photographs from the past 70 years. I did send a few to archives in Springfield, but the desire to take a picture has about left me because..nobody cares any more. I don’t even suggest it to this family any more as they are BORED. SO BORED!!! This is not just the little kids, but the big ones.too.. Funny little games on the IPhone with no history, no learning, no “art” no culture, just fluff and bubbles. That is what they want to see nowadays. I hope you have better luck than me.

    I used to send my photos into headquarters and actually made more money off them than I did the articles I wrote. I think it was $20 a photo, and you got about 8 cents a word on the articles, I guess if you go into a war zone or take pictures of ISIS the rewards are greater. Don’t know. Do not want to find out. Some guys are losing their heads over their photography. Stay away from Syria and Iraq I would suggest, but hey,don’t pay any attention to me. Suggestions from the elderly generation are not wanted either.

    So I take pictures for your own satisfaction. Do that. If anyone else wants to see your photography and expertise, make them beg!.

    That is what I am going to do. Nobody sees anything, unless they beg.

    Bitter old photograher

    • I can’t believe you’d throw them away, Grandpa! They’re more timeless than you think. I’ll beg for them!!

      And no worries, I will definitely steer clear of Syria and Iraq in my picture-taking adventures. Seems a little dicey.

  4. Laura your pictures are gorgeous! It takes boldness and courage to step out and show off your stuff… proud of you for taking this next step! I love your desire to grow in your skills. I can’t wait to see more and if you ever visit Jersey, let me know :)

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