long live the adventurers.


If you’ve known us for 15 minutes or more, you know we travel like it’s our job. And sometimes it is for a job. But mostly it’s because we were both born with a strong appetite for unique experiences in exotic places. Or, maybe we just really love breathing recycled air in a pressurized cabin on a regular basis. Either way, packing our bags to explore the world is wired into our DNA. Our future chitlins don’t stand a chance.

Per usual, both of us are about to embark on some serious trips this summer. Some together, some apart. While I’m gallivanting through the Midwest and Deep South for the next few weeks for work and play, Señor will be gettin’ his Asian fix in Beijing for a summer class. Tough break, eh? But don’t cry for me (Argentina) because I’ll be getting a stamp in my passport right alongside him when he’s done with his studies.

That’s right. The Armstrongs are taking on Asia. Together. Again. Like we know what we’re doing.

This isn’t our first international rodeo, but I’ll admit the idea of exploring Beijing without a trusty guide–aka my father who has traveled in China so much he’s basically royalty over there. Rumor has it he and Mao Tse Tung had a secret handshake–is a little unnerving. No one wants to be that tourist who’s all, “Do they give out free stuff at the end of that Great Wall attraction? I want a button that says, ‘I just walked on a big wall and all I got was this lousy button.'” Well-seasoned travelers help you avoid such blunders. Guess we’ll have to navigate these waters on our own.

Luckily, it won’t be for long. After our stint in Beijing, we’ll be headed to my brother and sister-in-law’s place outside Hong Kong for a week. Yes. My family lives all over the world. Once our Asian Vacation Sensation With Adoration and Celebration followed by some Rehabilitation from the Dehydration in–ok I’m done. Following our trip to Asia, we’ll lay low in New England for a bit before jetting off to Chicago for a wedding.

Are you exhausted yet? Because the details of the next month and a half are sending my head into a tizzy. I keep reminding myself that all of this travel is worth it. It’s sad to leave our Colorado home for so long, but we know not every summer will look like this. Plus, the next several weeks are not only full of airline itineraries, they’re also full of hugs from family, late night laughfests and cryfests with friends, and memories so big, they’ll make our future kids think they have the coolest parents ever.

We live for adventures, and Señor is hands-down my favorite exploration buddy. It helps tremendously that we travel well together–a great quality to have in a spouse. Like, REALLY essential quality.

We recognize that we’re kind of anomalies. What married couple in their mid-twenties just picks up and travels like we do when it isn’t in our job description? But our flexible jobs, school schedules, and the generosity of family has opened the door for some of these killer opportunities. But adventure means so much more than traveling across the world. Whether your summer plans include staycations or international destinations, discover something new this summer. Adventure is everywhere.

And long live the adventurers.