run away with me.


Sometimes, you just need to run away.

From stress.
From expectations.
From routine.
From the chaos of the everyday.

I’m not promoting escape to evade your problems. I’m talking about running away for the sake of renewal.

Lately, it’s hit me like a brick that I can only handle so much. I am a finite being. Elementary yet fundamental concept, is it not?

Señor and I so desperately need renewal. We have been operating on empty for weeks now. Our sleep has suffered. Our bodies are weak. Our relational intimacy has taken a back seat (real talk). And our hearts are weary. We’ve made changes this semester to our daily routines, but it isn’t enough. It’s time for a true and total rest.

So, we’re running away.

Next week we’re spending a few days in the mountains (hooray, spring break!). No phones, no internet–we plan to unplug as much as we can. Also on the docket: exploring, sleeping, cuddling up to Redbox movies, quiet, Jesus time, and lots of conversation about life, the future, and how we can practice intentionality with each other the second half of the semester. Oh, and we’re not going skiing because…well…need I explain my-accident-prone-Midwest-self for the 20th time?

It’s a known fact that señor and I take advantage of any chance to travel–even if it’s just a few hours. In the four years we’ve been together, we’ve traveled to 6 countries and almost 2 dozen states. It’s an obsession. And this is how we feel about it:

DSC_0637(Brought to you by Grant and Laura circa 2010–on our honeymoon in the Bahamas. I just re-discovered this picture, and it is a true gem. No-beard-señor is a rare sight these days. More importantly, we had only been married a week when this was taken, and we are clearly LOVING our lives. The memory warms my heart more than I can handle.)

When was the last time you ran away to be renewed?


9 thoughts on “run away with me.

  1. I have a favorite honeymoon picture that i keep on my desk. It’s a good feeling. We try to do a week getaway once a year, but try to do day trips once a month. Depends on money and schedules (family vacation doesn’t count). Enjoy your mountains.

    • I really think I should print and frame this one. It’s nothing special (and an obvious selfie), but it seriously evoked so much emotion when I saw it. I am so excited about our little trip. We’re trying to do it on the cheap, too!

      • MOST of my favorites are the selfies. they’re candid and in the midst of a memory instead of a planned shoot. obviously those pics are great too but they don’t have the circumstances attached to it. Have you found a place to stay yet? We always look at or and get pretty good deals. Then we have a house and can just do one meal out a day and buy some groceries or whatever. Or we will go camping and roast hotdogs and marshmellows and stuff. Depends on what a relaxing getaway is for you.

      • We love Airbnb! We stayed at a suite in Tobago for SIXTY DOLLARS A NIGHT we found on Airbnb a few years ago. Insane, right? We’re all about staying in and relaxing, doing a little exploring, but mostly cooking indoors. Grant’s parents bought us a gift certificate for a bed and breakfast company, so we’ll probably try to find one that fits that budget.

  2. I have been running away for 79 12 years. So far I have not gotten far.


    On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 8:36 AM, TheStrongOnes

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