healthiness (and other uphill battles).

If you’ve interacted with me much in the past month, you may have seen a crazy look in my eye. It’s midterms. Or, as some may call it: weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Y’all. I’m wiped.

It’s been a heckuva semester so far. I thought that working 20 hours a week, taking 12 hours of class, and being an extrovert who will always drop homework to hang out with people was a good idea. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There’s this thing called rest that we all need. It’s like we’re finite or something. Bananas. I’ve been noticing that God has been forcing me to rest. Take Sunday, for example. I had every intention to work on my 15-page paper that’s due on Wednesday. Instead, I slept in (oh, whoops DST), caught up on blogs, and spent quality time with my husband. It was marvelous. And so needed.

Wellness has been seriously lacking in my life.

Whether it’s what I eat, how I spend my time, or the sleep (or lack thereof) that I’m getting, it’s been hitting me that I haven’t been taking care of myself. To make big changes is always an uphill battle, though, amiright? Here are some recent changes I’ve been working on, though.

Food. Good food.
DSC_4337A few months ago, I shared about cutting dairy out of my diet. It was basically the worst. Sometimes, I get emotional about it. A girl just wants pizza sometimes, OKAY?! I digress. Eliminating dairy was the best decision. I’m finally getting to a point where I don’t dread how I’m going to feel after I eat. I’m learning what works and doesn’t work with my body. Señor and I also invested in the glory that is a Nutri-bullet. Y’all. It is legit. Getchyoself one now. We mix 50% leafy greens, 50% fruits, almond milk, and nutrient powder in a smoothie every morning. We’ve basically felt like rockstars ever since we started. And having a healthy smoothie for breakfast actually reduces my desire for McDonald’s at lunch. MIND BLOWN.

Not-your-momma’s workout videos.
About 4-5 mornings out of the week, Jillian Michaels yells at me, pushes me to my limit, and tells me not to “phone this one in” in one of the greatest workout videos I’ve ever done. She’s so hardcore. I’ve been working with it for a few weeks now, and it has been kicking my TOOSH. No, really. My booty hurts all the time. And my thighs, abs, inner thighs, arms, etc. Working out has never been my favorite. I ran a half-marathon 2 years ago and you would have thought I  just finished first place in the NYC Marathon. I’m still very proud of my accomplishment and like to bring it up when I feel the need to sound athletic. “Oh, you do yoga. That’s cool. I ran a half-marathon once…When?…Oh, not too long ago.” <<<<< what a joke. Working out has always been something I’ve had to push myself to do. But this recent work-out video I’m hooked on is seriously helping. I’m a weakling, and I know it. And señor’s concerned I won’t be able to carry our future babies if I don’t start working out now. Truth hurts. So does Jillian Michaels.

Playing & resting.
It can be hard to find time to play in the midst of grad school. Homework could always steal away your attention. But it’s something I’m working on allowing in my schedule. Last weekend, we had the privilege of watching our friends‘ dog, Lucy. She is my new favorite animal. She also loves attention. So, we played. We played a lot. It felt so good to have a little critter around to be silly with. Honestly, Lucy brought such joy to our weekend. It reminded us to be ridiculous, let loose, and be playful in the midst of all the craziness. It also made me realize that I need a dog or a baby in my life ASAP.

Change can be hard. It’s a total uphill battle sometimes, especially when patterns have been set in place for so long. The reality is that I’m not even a year into this grad school adventure. Starting healthy habits now is critical.

So, if you see me with a McDonald’s bag, back away because I’ve probably earned it.

I’m just kidding. I’ll let you have a couple fries, and we can be friends.


6 thoughts on “healthiness (and other uphill battles).

  1. As someone who is similar in do-too-much-sleep-too-little, might i suggest that you dog sit a puppy who chews everything and is still being potty/crate trained before you jump on the dog (or baby) band-wagon. You’re learning how to balance, don’t feel like you can take on another [big] thing. Actually take time to enjoy the success/rest you’re finding in your balance. There can always be babies and dogs. XO.

    • Oh, you are so right, Les. I’m romanticizing the idea a bit. If we do get a pup, it will be when our lives are slowed down (summer, maybe?) and we have time to devote to it. Same thing with a baby. At least, that’s our ideal :) Love you and your wisdom, old friend.

  2. Here is better idea, Take up tennis, you can do that until you are 80. We know.. Marathoms will pass, workouts will pass, running 6 miles a day will pass. Get Senor out ther and hit the ball for two hours every day. Go hit a tennis ball instead of eating a MacDonalds. You will never miss it, the burger, I mean. If you go to the mission field, you can dig up ant hills. spread them out, roll em and line them with lime, and make a neat tennis court. We did. Put up some chicken wire to keep the ball from going in the Congo River.

    As for those smoothies, there may not be electricity to run your mixer, but hey you can eat oat meal, uncooked with orange juice and it tastes okay. Guavas are really good for you, so are Mangoes, and of course, bananas. Spinach will even grow in Africa even if nothing else will. And don’t forget peanuts. They have a ton of good stuff for ya. Avoid snakes, mosquitoes and bed bugs.

    Good luck with that. And remember “much study is weariness of the flesh.” Like I told one guy recently, “If I’m so smart, (he said it in an email that I was smart because I got some little quiz right that he sent to me) why ain’t I rich.???

    Grandfather Weidman t

    On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 6:54 AM, TheStrongOnes

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