Remember when Christmas break made you straight giddy in college? 2-3 weeks of no homework, responsibilities, or proper hygiene. All adult living expectations were thrown out the window because you were on break. Family didn’t judge you. Family lovingly accepted your unbathed appearance and said, “This is a safe place.” You want to stay up late watching Netflix until 2am? Go for it. You earned it, hard-working student! Your months of relentless homework culminated to those few weeks of pure bliss.

I am proud to report that our Christmas break looked a lot like this. Sometimes, it’s ok to live like you’re in college again.

Señor and I were total jet-setters. Not that traveling is unusual for us, but spending three weeks away from home as a married couple was certainly new. Luckily, my family is 100% amazing and allowed us to rest most of the time. Oh, how needed that was! From the beauty of North Carolina to the frigid coast of New Hampshire, there was never a dull moment while visiting the fam.


It was so refreshing for us to pause and take in our first semester of living in Colorado. We celebrated the victories (like our rockin’ GPA’s!). We laughed at our mistakes. We evaluated poor time management skills and made plans to fix them. We spent hours with family sharing all the blessings and challenges of adjusting to a new way of life with one another.

Our break was altogether marvelous. And the best part–it isn’t over!

Don’t be too jealous, but we still have another week and a half until classes start. I can see your face turning green, and it’s embarrassing for you. Turn that frown upside down and just come visit us in Colorado, mmk?

God bless not taking classes during J-term! We love having the chance to play, work without homework distraction, spend guiltless time with friends, and get caught up with our apartment to-do list. Just like in college, I wish J-term could last forever.

Starting the new year with such an extended time of relaxation feels like we’re being spoiled and not fully acting like adults. I feel that way for about 2.8 seconds and then realize that this is a season I will never have again. It should be embraced to the fullest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have approximately 10 days to accomplish an inane amount of items on my to-do list. Cheerio.


2 thoughts on “pause.

  1. That was good. I just spent 65 dollars to fix my old Hoover vacuum cleaner. I started it up and it blew all the fuses in the house. So I reset the fuses and it blew them all again. I guess it is time for a new vacuum cleaner.


    On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 9:44 AM, TheStrongOnes

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