three years.

Three years ago today, I made an epic commitment to my favorite man.


With friends and family by our side and Beyoncé lyrics in our vows (no lie), we promised our lives to one another. We had only 11 months and 16 days of dating under our belts, and it’s likely that people thought we were slightly crazy. Yeah, we were.

And I wouldn’t change a single ridiculous moment of our imperfect love, señor. You are my forever best friend.


You believed in us even when I was scared. You pursued me with fervor and never let fear drive our decisions. You were a risk-taker. You used to tell me that big risks yield big rewards. You may have sounded like a businessman to some, but to me, you sounded like my perfect fit. I always prayed for a man who ran toward commitment and not away from it. You are that man, and I could not be more grateful. You are still my dream man.


You often tell me that marriage is about holiness, not happiness. It’s never said in a way that triggers guilt or implies that marriage should be a drag; rather, it’s said in humble admission of our naturally flawed nature and desire to be like Jesus. You practice forgiveness in the most inspiring manner–a characteristic of pursuing holiness. Without realizing it, you embody Christ in your actions.

Your consistency in our marriage provides me with such security and safety. I know you aren’t going anywhere. Besides–who would love you with your beard as much as I do? But seriously, I trust you. Not only am I confident in your commitment, but I trust and respect you as a man. We always viewed marriage as a union of equal partners with equal voices. I feel so undeserving of the way you love me.


There are serious things about you that I love–far too many list here. But if I could pick one part of you for which my appreciation has grown the most, it would certainly be your humor. You are completely hilarious, señor. Although my response to you generally involves a befuddled look, a snicker, and a head shake, I love your silliness. Thank you for helping me let loose when I get anxious or too serious. You make me smile, giggle, and laugh out loud at your antics. Especially your outlandish freestyle rap.


And here’s to those of you reading this super mushy letter to your and my favorite 6’4″ bundle of hilarity and genius. Your prayers, love, intentionality, support, laughter, and presence are indispensable to our marriage. We live our lives in community on purpose. We value your input. We respect your opinions. Thank you for loving us well enough to speak truth when we need it–both individually and as a couple. Our marriage could not survive without you.


Happy 3-year anniversary, Grant Thomas. I love you more now than when I walked down the aisle to you on that chilly December day. And I promise to love you (and your beard) until we’re old and fat.

all photos are © of the über talented Chris McGuire Photography.


3 thoughts on “three years.

  1. Congratulations to you both. Grant, you are the man I always dreamed of and prayed for for my daughter. Laura, you are the woman of God I always hoped you would be. I pray the fragrance of Christ will be ever present in your relationship and evident to everyone around you.
    Much love, Mom

  2. Wonderful to spend part of your anniversary happy day. You two are such a good match….you make me think of g’pa and me nearly 60 years ago. Guess what, that love grows every day and year all the way into old age. Keep saying, I love you, and hug every day. God bless you both ALWAYS! Love you so much.

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