shell yeah.

Extreme couponers are nuts.

I do not need nor do I have the space to hold 1,200 rolls of toilet paper and half a million jars of peanut butter. Saving money–yes. I’m all for it. But not for the sake of sacrificing my living space. I like to use my home for other activities. Like, hosting people without making them feel like they have to sit on a throne of paper towels.

However, I credit the extremers with a great strategic move: stroking companies’ egos.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of extreme couponers, one of their strategies of saving money is to write a letter to a particular company raving about their product. The company’s ego is inflated, and they see it as an opportunity to keep a good customer. “Thanks, loyal customer. Here’s some free stuff.”


Implementing a version of this strategy, I recently had my own extreme coupon moment. Well, it was more of a post-purchase thought.

Over Thanksgiving break, my family set out to make tacos. Not fancy, extravagant, pinterest-esque tacos. Just tacos, plain and simple. We thought purchasing some stand-n-stuff shells would be a nice break from our traditional flour tortillas. I know…wild, right?

So, imagine our absolute HORROR when this is what we saw when we opened the box:


I mean, the audacity of Old El Paso. Every single shell was broken. Stand-n-Stuff? More like Break-n-Stuff (minus 30 points for that horrific joke). I was livid. And by livid, I mean I was mildly irritated that I had to make a taco salad instead of a normal taco salad. Gracious, life can inconvenience a lady.

As soon as my mother-in-law and I surveyed the carnage, I had a stroke of extreme-couponer-inspired genius. I was going to write to Old El Paso. I went online to fill out a pre-made form (this wasn’t their first rodeo), and proceeded to write my overly dramatic reaction to the shattered shells. I can imagine the customer satisfaction department had to have thought, “This pathetic woman needs help.”

Yes, I do, Old El Paso. Because your shattered shells shattered my heart. But who got the last laugh?! THIS GIRL.

Saturday’s mail brought nothing but smiles and sweet victory. Not only did they apologize, but they also decided that they might as well appease the whiny girl with some free merch.



While I was hoping it was free taco shells for life, four coupons for free shells and discounted shells will absolutely do. I love this country. Shell yeah.


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