This week marks the end of our first semester in graduate school. I’m going to allow that to sink in for a moment.


I’m sorry. Where did the last 5 months go? Oh, right. The library.

Señor and I have sifted through pages upon pages of commentaries. Our hot Friday night dates generally consist of sitting across from each other in the student center. Want some cool suggestions of what to do in Denver?! Ask someone else. Because we are slaves to learning. We drink from the sweet nectar of books, lectures, and Biblical Analysis Papers. We are grad students. Hear us roar.

Let’s get real. This semester has totally kicked our little tooshies. In the midst of insanity, I am grateful to have learned a few lessons that should be helpful in the coming semesters:

  1. It takes approximately 3 cups of coffee consumed in a matter of 2 hours for caffeine to have an impact on me anymore. My tolerance is much too high.
  2. Sleep. I need more.
  3. When writing a paper that exceeds 1 page, it is best to start prior to the day before it’s due. In other words, start EVERY paper prior to the day before it’s due.
  4. Starbucks is a black hole of inefficiency. It is impossible to accomplish anything well or with focus. Especially when the choice of music is typically jazz that is played at a decibel sure to rattle the tables.
  5. Sabbath.

How’s that last one for a doozy? I cannot remember the last time in my life when I truly honored the Sabbath. Stopping for a whole day makes me anxious and guilty. I think, “I don’t have time to rest. I have things to do.” So, getting on Facebook for 30 minutes every day is top priority now? Solid life choice.

The truth of it: I cannot sustain my current lifestyle. It involves too much strain, not enough rest, and an incessant amount of homework that’s not going away. In fact, it is only going to increase. Excuse me while I go throw up, have a heart attack, and pass out from a nervous breakdown. *gulp*

I’m terrible at New Year’s resolutions…as is 99% of the population. Let’s be real. So, this is not a resolution. Rather, this is a commitment to have a day of total and complete rest. I need to be willing to surrender control and recognize my own limitations. If I don’t practice self-care now, how can I expect to do so when I’m in the thick of my profession?

Plus, I really want an excuse to sit on the couch, eat carby food, and watch TV without guilt for a day.

Jokes. I know Sabbath is about more than being lazy. There’s also sleep. Which is spiritual. Look. It. Up.


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