grown-up lincoln logs.

Señor is a man of many talents. He’s also hot. Note picture below.


If you’ve ever met him, you know he knows a lot about a lot. Ever wonder how many licks it really takes to get to the bottom of a tootsie pop? Curious how they discovered jell-o? Are you dying to know the history of Djibouti? Not my booty, but Djibouti. Perhaps you’ve been wondering the secret behind why  why coconut oil is a miracle worker. For everything.

HE PROBABLY KNOWS. The man already has an MBA and loved learning so much, he’s back for another master’s degree. Genius. Absolute genius.

He’s also ridiculously handy. He can fix anything lickety-schplit. Seeing as I’m the kind of person who would call a mechanic, maintenance man, plumber, and maybe even the fire department if my microwave stopped working, he is a breath of fresh air. I’m grateful for such a competent man in my life.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, señor and his dad set out to create a beautiful and desperately needed piece: a maple wood bookcase. Seeing as we are both in seminary, we have accumulated an inordinate amount of books already this semester. And yes, we’ve totally skimmed read every page of them.

DSC_2989combo DSC_2986 DSC_2980 DSC_3009DSC_2998

The process was arduous and rewarding for señor and his dad. Luckily, I had his mom to keep me company during the week. There was lots of sawing, cutting, gluing, and other processes that probably would have resulted in the loss of a limb if I was involved. Thank goodness for a father-in-law who knows his stuff. I think we tried to help once. By “help,” I mean we brought out coffee and breakfast burritos. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

I’m not sure what excites me more: having a place to store all our books, or actually having a decorative item in our home. I wish I could channel my inner Martha Stewart (minus committing crimes) and be a decorator. Help.


I am so proud of their work, and señor will probably make a few more after the holidays. I can’t wait to sand and paint those bad boys. Color/finishing suggestions, oh masterful DIY-ones?


4 thoughts on “grown-up lincoln logs.

  1. Laura! I love to read your blogs! you are so funny and witty and I love how much you love grant. It makes me really happy! And I love that you are fun

  2. I haven’t done a lot, I would ask Liz Fryman since that was her degree/career.
    I know with stain you have to stain/sand/repeat3x. I kea and other places have more of a paint stain you can use that is easier. If you just paint it, it can get dings in it and you’ll want a sealing coat. XO

    • Ooo good suggestion. I really can’t decide if we should stain or paint it. I’m leaning toward painting because it gives me more options of colors. Good to know about the paint stains! I’ll have to look into it.

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