birthday boy.

October 28, 1987 was a perfect day.
Thanks to a patient woman who endured 30 hours of labor (seriously, Mama A…whoa),
Grant Thomas Armstrong was born.


We often joke that we would not have liked each other had we known the younger versions of ourselves. I think we’re wrong. I look at what you bring to my life and those around you now, and I can’t help but think that your God-given attributes are exactly what I’ve always needed:

intentional love…
care for the important things of life…
ridiculous humor…
absolute joy…
childlike excitement…
words of encouragement…
complete selflessness…

I love your outlook on life. I love that it’s filled with hopefulness and trust in a God who knows our path. I love that you look at every hurdle in life as something to be conquered, not something to hinder. I love that I can trust your advice even when I resist it. I love that you love others fiercely and with great loyalty. I love that you love God’s church and want to serve it. I love that you bring to my life goofiness when I get too serious. I love seeing you make people laugh. I love your weirdness. I love how you take care of your family. I love how you love others without judgment. I love your intentionality toward our marriage. I love your obsession with adventure and new experiences. I love how unashamed you are to just be yourself.

No elegant words will ever be enough to express how much I just really like you. And the fact that you’re more studly than a Greek god is an added bonus.

Happy 26th Birthday, Señor. I love you more than a junior high girl loves hashtags.



One thought on “birthday boy.

  1. I second all of this, wholeheartedly. (Well, all of the non-marriage related stuff. Except for the stuff I’ve observed of your marriage. Y’all are kind of amazing.)

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