13 states. 2 foreign countries.

In the past 12 months, I’ve traveled to or through 13 states and visited 2 foreign countries. I have a bit of a travel bug, if you couldn’t tell. I’m completely unsatisfied if I have to stay in the same place for more than 3 weeks. I think I may have an addiction. Help, please.

But a few of those states have a special place in my heart. They’re home to me.

My mom and stepdad recently moved back to North Carolina. Green, wooded, southern-charmed North Carolina. I spent 3 years living in the gorgeous state as a child, and I love visiting. The town they live in is quaint and the people are sweeter than a southern woman’s tea. And although I’ve never lived in the house they reside in now, it’s still home.

For nearly 15 years, my dad has lived in New Hampshire. It’s a treasure of a state. Where else do you get mountains AND beaches? Ok, other than California, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, etc…I’m trying to prove a point so let’s disregard those ones. People are real in New England. Like, if the server doesn’t like you, they don’t fake it. And if you took a pahking spot from a stranger, you’ll get a lahbstah up ya hind pahts. What gems they are in the northeast. I love that I can call it home, too.

I love my new home in Colorado. While our apartment may not show that we’ve fully settled in, I can feel it in my bones that this place is going to steal my heart. I sensed it for the first time last week. I took a quick trip to Minnesota for work. When my plane landed back in Denver, my spidey sense tingled. I was home, and it felt right. This place is unlike anywhere I’ve lived. I love that it snows in October. Legit SNOW. Remember that red tree outside our apartment earlier this week? Check it out this morning…

DSC_2181 DSC_2175

Uh, yeah. That was 4 hours ago. Now it’s back to its normal fall-self because the sun has shown its face. Goodbye, snow. The UV rays have won this round.

And then there’s Indiana. Say what you will about the Midwest, haters. Indiana is genuine, flat, corn-infested, and the absolute best. I’ve moved around a decent amount in my 26 years, but it’s always felt like home. I met some of my best friends, dated and married my husband, and found Jesus in Indiana. I may not have been born there, but I’m a total Hoosier at heart.

And in 6 days, I’m going back.

Last night, I booked a flight to Indiana. I leave next week. My trip will be a whirlwind (only about 48 hours long!) and filled with work responsibilities. But I imagine it to be memorable. It will be my first trip back on campus since moving to Colorado. Tears will likely be shed as I have mini-reunions with our dear Upland friends. And I can’t wait.


I always knew I had a travel bug. Who knew it could be satisfied by visiting a small, Indiana town? See you soon, Upland.


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