real reds.

A few weeks ago, I went on a mini-rant about how Denver fell short of my autumn expectations. I was all like, “Wah, wah I want colors. Wah, wah where are my reds and oranges? I’m so deprived and entitled.” Embarrassing, right?

Denver’s scenery is stunning. I realize in some of my last posts I’ve pointed out its shortcomings, funny stereotypes, and all the ways we don’t fit in. But lesbihonest, about 99% of the population is a transplant from another city, state, or country. It’s basically a melting pot. And somewhere along the way, people saw mountains and thought, “Yeah, we should climb those monstrosities. To the mountains, unbelievably fit people!” And boom–California was born. They found gold, formed a basketball team (Go Nuggets! I can’t explain how disappointed I am to know they aren’t named after McDonald’s tasty treats), and became one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Read the history books. I swear it’s all true.

Yes, Denver is super active. Yes, it is drier than Sahara, and my lips are permanently chapped. Yes, the UV rays from the sun can burn your skin in a matter of seconds. But it is seriously gorgeous up in hurr. And it’s not just because of the mountains.

As I was reading for class this weekend, I looked out the window and nearly fell off the couch.

DSC_2159 DSC_2161

THIS was outside our apartment. THIS TREE. How could I have missed that?! It’s RED. Like, oxblood red–a very popular color this season. Kudos to you, nature! You’re so chic.

I was floored.  Now that I’ve seen it, I see more colored trees everywhere. Apparently, they line the main street by our apartment. I was just so caught up in missing the Midwest that I overlooked these bold, enchanting colors.

So, on top of being entirely embarrassed, I’m also crazy excited. We have red and orange leaves in the West, too. They’re just not as obvious when I’m so focused on what isn’t present. Take time to look at the fall beauty around you, sweet friends. Whether you’re in Colorado, Indiana (bless your sweet soul), or Florida–the delicate beauty of this season is to be found.


Major props to señor for capturing this shot! What a pro.


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