the germans.

I’ve always been a big fan of festivals.


And let’s be real. It’s primarily because people like this guy ^^ can be found there. He’s dapper, highly intoxicated, and overall just loving every bit of his life. Let’s all stop and learn a lesson from this man: true happiness always involves suspenders and a fedora. Let’s call this man Viktor since he is clearly so very German.

Viktor was a trip. Walked right up to our group and became fast friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t share his love for excessive alcohol consumption, so he moved on quickly. But he made our Oktoberfest experience even more authentic.

I’ve only been to one Oktoberfest prior to last weekend. It was…not your typical Oktoberfest. It was hosted by a group of men at a Christian college so tame would be a good word for it. But we drank (root) beer, shot guns, carved pumpkins, and got poop on my face.


Yeah. You read that correctly. FECES ON MY FACE. I swear it was an accident–an entirely disgusting, smelly, embarrassing accident. I was on a farm, wiped what I thought was dirt off my pants, scratched my face, and shabam–cow feces on the face. But here’s a lesson to take away: poop is not a good facial exfoliant.

Also, can we please acknowledge that I totally did the Miley tongue like 4 years ago? Trendsetter!

Back to the point: Our friends invited us to a small mountain town last weekend for an Oktoberfest. It was quaint and fantastic. The sun was setting behind the mountains, the air was crisp, the trees were gorgeous, and the entertainment was…uh…festive? Think Rolling Stones cover band with a female lead vocalist who may or may have been in her 60’s. So, there’s that. And we met Viktor, so we can’t complain.DSC_2054




Plus the company was cute-to-boot. Brandon and Tracy are just really wonderful. We have so enjoyed getting to know them. Seriously. Denver is lucky to have such cool people.


Like I said, I’m a big fan of festivals, and I’m sure it will be our first of many in Colorado. Plus, any festival where I don’t get grossness on my face is a GREAT festival.


4 thoughts on “the germans.

  1. I began to comment when you posted this, but it didn’t go through and I gave up… let me try to remember what I said…
    1) the title is fitting because I am about 80% german
    2) We love you guys. that’s all I can remember, but there was a list!

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