faux fall.

Red, orange, yellow, gold, brown, more red.
This, I declare, is the essence of fall…

DSC_6822…in Indiana.

Brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, YELLOW, brown, brown, brown.
This, I’m discovering, is the essence of fall in Denver.

Sweet Moses, I just want to see COLORS. What is this faux fall?! I want to drive down our road and swerve as I stare at the beauty of the changing red leaves. I want to look out my window and SHED TEARS because of how gorgeous the trees are against the backdrop of the mountains. I want to join all my cool Indiana friends in finding the perfect Instagram filter to enhance the orange hues. Seriously, how perfect is Lo-fi on those autumn shots? Kudos, Instagram gods.

Alas, I settle for yellow…or, mostly brown. Find me a red leaf tree in Denver, and under its shade you will see me for the remainder of the season.

But there are hints of that fall I so deeply love back home: scarves (my neck is having a party like, erryday), occasional grey skies and fellow midwesterners.

DSC_2022comboDSC_2034combinedDSC_2039These two. Simply the best part of our Colorado journey so far.

\\ Side note: Señor and I finally did something Colorado-y and cool! We dined at the legendary pizza stop, Beau Jo’s, with our super dear friends, Mark and Lauren. As if pizza wasn’t enough, this place also provides honey for dipping your crust afterward. How many carbs can a carb-lover carb if a carb-lover has enough carbs? Yeah. Translate that, complex sugar-lovers. Also worth celebrating: it was our first trip into the mountains since moving here. Soooo, we’re basically locals. Next thing you know, we’ll be telling you which powder is the best to shred. Again, translate that because I have no idea what I just said. \\

It should be noted that Colorado’s faux fall isn’t all faux. I’ve heard there are beautiful Aspens that turn yellow for like, 20 minutes (I exaggerate). This is a big deal. And I’ll take what I can get out here. Even if it is one color.

Plus, it could be worse. I could be color blind.



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