promise fulfilled.

Once upon a time (aka July 11, 2011), I said I would put some pictures up here of our time in Hong Kong. Ya know, that trip I went on over a month ago? Uh uh. That one.

For my own feeling of blog-tastic commitment, I’ll finally share those. However, I do need to inform you that this past month has been straight cray-cray.

Moving into a new apartment.
Moving out of an old apartment. For good. Forever. PTL.
Acclimating to a new job.
Traveling to awesome places like South Dakota. Yes, that happened.
Just enjoying life and not documenting it all the time! Oh wait. I have a Twitter and Facebook. #socialnetworkinghypocrite

For reals, though. Life has been beautiful lately. This weekend, I watched my brother-in-law graduate from Marine Officer Candidate School. Upon graduating Taylor in the spring, he will be a commissioned Marine Corps Officer. That not only makes my heart fill with pride, but my eyes with tears. I can’t get over how incredible of an accomplishment that is. And yes, I will put pictures up in a few days of his OCS graduation. Because, shoot. He done looks good in his uniform.

But, to fulfill my promise…Hong Kong: July 2k11, folks–Where a Chinese taxi driver sang “Laura, I Love You” to me, we stayed at the tallest hotel in the world (113th floor, what?!), and did some serious shopping. As a side, these photos are watermarked/copyrighted not because I think I’m a pro (ha. so not to that level.) but because I believe everyone has the right to claim their own creative work. Mine is my photography on my blog and/or other interweb locations. Maybe yours is the finger painting you made last week when you needed a fun weekend activity. Whatever. Claim it. I digress…pictures!

This is so my family at any given dinner. I love it.

The Peak in Hong Kong. 3rd time I’ve been there. Looks decently the same…just a little more land that was once water. Yep, they change the whole eco-system. NBD.

Jaden impersonating MJ. Don’t stop ’til I get enough.

The perpetually busy streets. Personal space is not an option in this city.

Street musician in the tunnel which connects one mall to another mall without having to go outside (genius, lazy, western, awesome)

Hotel room view. Majestic, really.

Oh goodness, señor is handsome.

Making friends with the chef, as usual.

Such good food ALL THE TIME.

I’d like to put these up in our apartment. Totally doable, right?

No, seriously. Señor is really stinkin’ handsome.

Celebrating my dad’s birthday at Morton’s! They have one of these in Indy. Right near Fogo de Chao, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steakhouse…



Every night there’s a light show in HK. Every night. Imagine NYC having a light show seen from the Statue of Liberty every night. Distracting, mesmerizing, and the greatest energy-waster I’ve seen in awhile.

So, though these are a month late, they’re here! And soon to come in a few days will be pictures of Clint’s graduation, maybe a few apartment pictures, and life as it happens…which, if you judged it based on my blogging, is apparently once a month.

Dang, I could be more interesting.

Peace and blogging!