a Vietnamese man hit on my husband?

We have officially been in Vietnam one week. I blame the lack of updates and pictures on the jetlag. On an average day, we go to bed around 9pm and wake up at 5am. That’s a better regiment than what we have back home.

Our days are packed. We spent our first 3 days in Ho Chi Minh enjoying the luxurious Park Hyatt hotel and feasting on local cuisine. And I mean feasting. I’m not sure I’ve eaten this much since Thanksgiving—hmm, bad example…I didn’t even have turkey on that November day…

Let me admit that I’m a picky eater. I grew up on mac ‘n cheese, cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches, and more daily bread intake than the food pyramid allows for in a month. Carbs were not lacking in my diet.

Thankfully my taste buds have matured.

I could literally eat a meal and a half here. Everything has the most delicately flavorful tastes. Enough about food, though. Let’s get on to the sites!

We’re currently in Danang, which is in the northern province of Vietnam. It was where the American airbase was and supposedly the first landing place during the Vietnam War (it’s up for debate…as are many things regarding the war). It feels about 30 degrees hotter up here, but the view from our resort compensates.

Before Danang, though, we were in Ho Chi Minh, as I said. Here are a few highlight pictures from our last few days there.

Eyes closed. Solid. – in front of the President’s home. No one has lived there since the end of the Vietnam War. It’s now a national monument and used for tourists to do their tourist thing.

Incense burning outside a Buddhist temple.

The busy streets of Da Nang

Climbing into the Cu Chi Tunnels – These were used during various war times by the Vietnamese to hide out and ambush their enemies. The Americans actually set up camp right above them and didn’t figure out where they were coming from for months. The tunnels were complete with hospitals, classrooms, a kitchen, and living quarters–all manmade underground.

It was easily 10 degrees hotter in there than it was outside. Woof.

Shooting AK-47’s like the real heroes did.

Clearly I needed some direction.

Our hotel, the Park Hyatt, in Ho Chi Minh!

Complete with tunnel explorations, busy streets, and tour guides named Tre, our time in Ho Chi Minh was superb. But now we’re in Da Nang, the sunny northern coast town of Vietnam. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

We were welcomed to our resort with a traditional dragon fruit drink. And flowers. They really know how to treat a woman right.

Our tour guide cut off Grant’s head…not ok. But a nice lady let me carry the food she was selling! For about 50,000 dong (the equivalent of $2.50). And then made me feel guilty for not buying any food. Oh whoops.

No photo illusion used in this picture. That grown woman is legitimately that much shorter than señor.

I may or may not have stolen one.

Touristy. Check.

Easily the best restaurant we’ve been to Vietnam. Mango in almost every dish, overlooking the river, unbelievable atmosphere.
Whatever you do, don’t overlook this tourist’s hair cut. Business in the front, hippie tourist in the back.

This picture could not possibly be more opposite of what my dad is actually like on vacation.

To be real, most of our days have been spent poolside or playing soccer with some locals (we actually beat some of them. Up top!). We get out every once in awhile, though.

Oh, and a Vietnamese man never hit on señor. Although he did beg him to get drunk with him and offered him a good time. Awkward.


3 thoughts on “a Vietnamese man hit on my husband?

  1. i’m sitting in my office laughing out loud at the picture of grant and that lady. actually i’m more laughing at the face i imagine he made when he realized how short she is! hahaha.

  2. Love your pictures, bug! Just got home late, late last night. Miss you, but so glad you and senor are having such a wonderful time. Can’t wait to talk to you when you get back! Much love, Mom.

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