mango flambé.

A few things I’ve learned about Vietnam the past few days:

1. Anything that can fit on the back of a motorcycle/bike, they will make it happen.
2. Pho soup is a staple around here…and it is TAST-T.
3. Propaganda is prevalent, especially as it surrounds the Vietnam War. Yikes.
4. The service is unreal. Why, yes, I would like my water refilled every time I take a sip. Thanks!
5. People are friendlier than a barnyard BBQ in southern Tennessee.

I wish I had more time to blog this morning (yes, morning for us…of the 2nd. We beat you to it!), but we have things to see–secret underground tunnels, museums, etc.

Here are some pictures I took the past few days, though. I promise there will be more stories later. I’m seriously bothered by my lack of blog creativity. Forgive me? Mmk, thanks.

At the airport before we left. We were one of those people.

Lunch hour motorcycle gang.

A beautiful corner in our hotel.

Vietnam War Remnants museum.

Vietnam War Remnants museum


Dominated the trash out of this shrimp.

It's a duck in a carrot. Get it? Me neither.

Mangos on fire!

The result: Mango Flambé.

The result: A full belly.


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