business class.

Today, señor and I are about to embark on an adventure. Since December 24, 2010 we have been trapped in the confines of American freedom (what?). At that time, we were starry-eyed and in love, heading back from our honeymoon in the chilly Bahamas.

We’re still in love. And we’ve stepped up our international traveling game.

From the Bahamas to Vietnam and Hong Kong. That’s what’s up. AND flying business class. Hello 180 degree-lying seats, complimentary everything, and people looking at you like “Those ‘kids’ do not have the kind of jobs to pay for this ticket.”

No, sir, we don’t. But we do know how the process of ‘upgrading’ works when you originally bought an economy ticket. It’s like they pay you to fly business. Suckers.

Since I’m making a habit of neglecting my blog, I decided that there’s no time like the present to revive its lifeless, non-existent soul. Especially when at the present time I’m in an airport waiting to leave for a 15-hour flight to Hong Kong. I need something to hold me over. And now, to hold you over until I send more updates about our vacation.

In no sequential order, recent happenings with the A-listers:


Taking pictures of beautiful brides and bridesmaids.

Being a first-time bridesmaid with 1 classy lady for the wedding of another classy lady.

Grillin’ out. Like a boss.

Bidding my parents adieu before they’re off to Colombia.


Ok, so. The 15-hour flight is over. But unfortunately we are stuck in Hong Kong for the night. Our flight to Vietnam was cancelled on account of plane repairs…always super reassuring. Anyway, updates to come. But for now, a good nights’ rest is in store. Free hotel? Mmk, yes.