the have’s and have not’s

Since it’s Cinco (Cinco Cinco Cinco Cinco) de Mayo, I figured everyone’s probably feeling pretty celebratory. And I am as well, honestly. Not only am I attending a stellar bachelorette party tonight, I’m also celebrating my first blog entry in over a month.

Up top!

In celebration, I thought I’d share what I have and have not been doing since April 1.

I have been eating an unhealthy amount of ice cream. As in, I went to Dairy Queen 3x in a week. As in, I’ve gained 5 pounds in the past 3 months. Oh whoops.

I have not been cooking recently. Housewife fail…

I have been attending bridal showers!

I have not been planning any baby showers for myself. Because I’m not pregnant. Not even a little bit. If you look closely, you can see the fear in my eyes at the idea. Yikes.

I have been admiring señor’s Euro mullet. But was ok to see it die after its short-lived journey. I don’t think Taylor University Financial Aid was ready for that jelly.

He’s handsome. And he’s mine.

I have been taking a lot more pictures with my new lens. Like engagement pictures for this beautiful couple. Dear David and Nicole, You’re cute. Love, Laura.

I have not been taking many pictures with señor as his enthusiasm for such a thing is lacking.

Ahem, exhibit A.

Aaand, exhibit B.

I hope our not yet existent children enjoy pictures a little more than their faja.

And lastly, I have been workin’ my little toosh off at Olive Garden (or Club Italy, as señor calls it).

I have not had a chance to get a picture of me decked out in my sexy tie, tucked in collared shirt, and slip-resistant all black velcro strapped shoes. Maybe next time. Or never. Or you’ll have to paparazzi me at work sometime. Either way, it’s embarrasingly awesome to go out in public dressed like a maitre d’.

So, my hat’s off to April 1 – Cinco de Mayo for teaching me what I’m blessed to have and not have…and that my blog is to no longer be ignored.



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