everybody’s workin’ for the weekend.

If you did not just picture Chris Farley shirtless wearing only a bow tie, shakin’ what his mother gave him, you best be gettin’ your toosh over to Youtube and watching this clip. I’m sorry for the poor quality. I’m not sorry for the smile that just swept across your face.

Is that not the perfect way to start your Monday? Think about the weekend. Take everything you’re doing now and just chock it out the window because you have lost all motivation for the week. Monday shmonday, friends.

You’re workin’ for the weekend! We were all just workin’ for this past weekend! And we’re gonna keep workin’ for the next weekend! Because… eeeeeveryone’s watching, to see what you will doooOOooo!

Ok. This is false advertising. Last week, I didn’t work. I didn’t even add a single penny to my bank account. Unless you count transferring wedding money from our checking to savings…The little kiddies at school were on spring break this week so this lady had a week off. Señor, the bread-winner that he is, still worked all week. He’s a gem. I, on the other hand, got to follow a friend around while she made wedding decisions, I took pictures of air-o-planes, and interviewed for two, count that two, jobs.

Goodbye substituting, hello waitressing. And hello thuper duper awethome therver outfiths. Hopefully Olive Garden will let me choose my own necktie to wear. It’ll be something stylish, of course.

Like this one —–>

Very western plains, if you ask me. That’s all the rage, right? Vintage meets modern meets southwest meets ugly.

Now, once I start serving I’m not so sure how free my weekends will be, so I’ll have to be working for my own kind of “weekend”. Even if that weekend happens to be a Tuesday night, I can deal. The day is insignificant. It’s what makes up that weekend that I’ll be working for. People, places, and moments like these…cue Michael W. Smith Friends, please. You can just open that up in a new tab while you go through these pics. And to add to the effect, be sure to scroll down very slowly.

This seemingly neck-less woman…she is just wonderful.

Seeing my friend happy. Thuper duper happy. Disclaimer: the only contents of those pipes are mutual gushy feelings shared between these two. Precious.

This couple…C-Dub and our neighbs, Ms. J-Boo.
They’re joining the Married Club soon.

This goofball. Yeah, the one who rarely looks at the camera.

That is what I worked for this past weekend. And really what I get to work for most every weekend. Beautiful friends, lots of laughs, and my dear señor. I’ll dance my pants off Chris-Farley-style for those kind of weekends all 52 weeks of the year.

Happy Monday! Get to workin’ FTW–For the Weekend!


One thought on “everybody’s workin’ for the weekend.

  1. So I just read this. I’m a little behind. But may I just say, this might possibly be my fave blog ever. Thought I’d let you know!

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