pilots and photographers.

I like to dream of being a professional photographer someday.

Seeing as the extent of my publishing includes this blog, a friend’s engagement picture book, and and the occasional Facebook album, I might have a long ways to go. But this is a hidden passion of mine. Or not so hidden when you see my bulky camera. It’s beautiful in all its Nikon Digital SLR glory.

But that all changed yesterday.

A friend asked if I could take some photos for a marketing ad with his company and I eagerly obliged. I mean, there was a $50 gift card involved. Why not? Oh, and helping out a friend and gaining experience is a nice thing, too. Anyway, this friend thought since I took their engagement pictures for him and his perdy finance, that I could totally take pictures of airplanes.

They’re super similar.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exactly the same.

I digress. So I accepted the invitation and kind of had a blast doing it. I was a pretty offended when I didn’t get to personally fly the aircraft. Do they not trust me?! But all is forgiven. I have cool pictures of super expensive planes now.

Now señor and I get to gorge ourselves on some delicious goodies. Om nom nom!

Anyone else wanna hire me?

p.s. these photos are © LC Photography. That’s me and my made-up photography business.


3 thoughts on “pilots and photographers.

  1. I’m confused. The picture of the front of the plane with the shiny, round propeller hub – how did you take that without getting your reflection in it??

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