what happens in vegas.

Is gettin’ posted on the internet!

In precisely 4 days, señor and I are headed to the Las Vegas with my fam. I was inspired by this creative lady to write about our upcoming Sin City trip!

Let’s start with our goals:

  1. Win thousands of $$ to pay off our student loans. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  2. Shout ‘All I do is win, win, win’ every time I walk the strip…with my hands up. And they’ll stay there.
  3. Use my new camera lens often. Legit photographer style.
  4. Go see the Blue Man Group. The real ones–not the TU wannabes from 2008. Although they were great! Rhyming!
  5. Win a car. Or 3.
  6. Get me some dam bait!
  7. Relive moments from Vegas Vacation as often as possible.
  8. …And scenes from Ocean’s 11. Minus the money-stealing. Maybe.

Señor is also compiling a music playlist. If you know him at all, you know it includes lots of classical music, soothing jazz, and Michael W. Smith (at least 4 songs).

I lie.

Try Jay-Z, Rihanna, Lil’ Weezy, Biggie Smalls and other people with names they were not given at birth. Our plane ride should be quite the party. Hope passengers don’t mind if I play our classy taste in music out loud on my iPad. Pre-Vegas plane party!

Did I mention we’ll be there over Valentine’s Day? We’re really hoping the genuine love and strive for committed relationships that seems to permeate in this town will really make our love overflow for each other. I mean, do you have any idea how many chapels there are in Vegas?! THEY LOVE MARRIAGE. Goodness, we are lucky.

Vegas, baby. VEGAS.


5 thoughts on “what happens in vegas.

  1. Laura, Brian and I have been there several time since his folks spent their winters there. We always had fun at looking at all the people. Did very little gambling, figured if God wanted to bless He would…We went to Hoover Darn…(that is what Brian’s folks called it in front of the kids) That is one of our favorite memories. We also went to Red rock State Park, that was beautiful. have fun and look forward to reading your posts….

  2. Please renew your vows at a Vegas chapel, preferably by Elvis.

    Also, take a picture with at least one man dressed as a lady, preferably Lady Gaga.

    PS. #2 made me laugh out loud (#2 on the list, not #2… the other kind.)

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