To say that our apartment complex is nice is like saying New York City is as clean as a baby’s bottom after a bath.

It’s kind of the pits at times.

Example 1: everything leans a little to the right. This makes spilling coffee on one side of the counter a very unfortunate situation for the microwave and refrigerator at the other end of the counter. Yes, of course that happened. Don’t you know I have jello fingers? My nickname was Butterfingers in high school. Well, I say nickname. It was actually what the opposing crowd shouted at me when I was a soccer goalie. We were losing 14-2; I was asking for it.

Example 2: our walls are as thin as Nicole Richie. We can literally hear our neighbors complaining about us through our kitchen. I’m sorry but I am not the cabinet slammer, neighbs; you are.

Example 3: furnace filters so black with soot our lungs surely have permanent damage from breathing its toxins {dang, I am dramatic tonight}. Whatever white item we had in our apartment is now lightly dusted with this black filth including our dishes. Bumskis.

Luckily señor is handy. So we did a little ghetto-rigging.

It began with cutting the wrong size furnace filter into one that might fit. Ghetto.

But we got cold {heat was off for about 3 hours}…so what was the next best thing? Bake…I mean heat ourselves with the oven, of course. Ghetto.

Aaand hi-oh! Señor saves the day! That smile just screams, “This woman is lucky I love her enough to let her take pictures of me doing this.”

To celebrate our successful heating evening we had us some classy eats.

No more black soot, no more cold, no more baking things that aren’t sugary and pure deliciousness. But there probably will be more ghetto-filled evenings in this apartment.

Score one for first-year-of-marriage living situations. And manly husbands who go all Tim the Tool Man Taylor when there’s a problem.


4 thoughts on “ghetto-rigged.

  1. Man, oh man. Neighbor, you know I understand all of these things. BUT there is something so great about your first place being kind of the pits, sort of a right of passage into true adulthood perhaps. Or at least I like to think so :) Because two doors down from you, the walls are also thin. More specifically, the ceiling is thin and my upstairs neighbors are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry friendly with each other if ya know what i mean.

  2. aw, look at us little bloggers, being all bloggy. :) can i just say that this is a little belated, but i LOVE that you employed star wars humor in your last post, and i expect to see a lot more.

  3. When boys are little it is so cool as a father to by them lego’s. Men love tools; do you see where this is going? Your new home could be a perpetual construction zone.

    I’m glad to hear that he is showing some skills as a “ghetto-rigger”, he probably comes by that naturally.

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