one year.

On Sunday señor and I celebrated our 1-year dating anniversary. And now we’re married. We waste no time. We spent a fair amount of time reminiscing about the past year, laughing at how ridiculous we were, and praising Jesus for all the blessings that have come despite our downfalls.

So while the following memories aren’t all the things that we talked about or all the memories worthy of joining this list, they’re at least the ones that I have pictures of. Hizzah!

Without further adieu…2010’s 11 memories 2011 has to live up to.

11. Hittin’ up the beach more than once. Make that 3 times. In 3 countries.

10. Roadtrips. Lots and lots of roadtrips.

9. Long chats with best friends in cars that kind of suck. Like Big Momma.

8. Moving into my very own grown-up apartment.

7. Visiting 2 natural wonders with a wonderful man (punny!).

6. Essentially made Taylor student life a blast with people who love college students as much as me.

5. Getting a college degree along with some of the best people I’ve ever known. They will surely change the world.

4. Seeing beautiful people get engaged. Oh, and I did, too.

3. Attending 5 of the 10 weddings I was invited to. ‘Twas a year of the Mr. and Mrs.

2. Threw a killer party (also known as our wedding).

1. Began dating, fell in love with, and married the man of my dreams.

I am so blessed. And have major expectations for 2011.


7 thoughts on “one year.

  1. Love #9.

    I need the pic from #6.

    The people in the pic from #5 will change the world …because love can change the world?

    #1 is probably my favorite picture I’ve ever seen of Grant.

  2. Laura-This will be first of many wonderful years together! God is so good. Every good and perfect gift comes from above!!!

  3. It’s incredible everything you were blessed with in only a years time! (Gives those of us single ladies something to look forward to in the love department too!!) :)

  4. Hey Laura! I made the page! Who hooo!! Also, I am TOTALLY copying you so that my family and friends from afar can see stuff. Don’t be mad. Plus! I think we should have a phone date to talk about being Newlyweds!

    Miss yo face.

    Mrs. K

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