the married club.

Combined Christmas gifts.
‘His’ and ‘Hers’ stocking hangers.
Pillow talk buddy.
Shared bathroom space.
Awkward remarks at the family dinner table.

Yep. We are the newest members of the Married Club. An exclusive club reserved only for the strong at heart. Ironic. That’s in our last name. Speaking of which, let’s get real honest and vulnerable…especially because the anonymity that comes with the world wide web is incredibly freeing.

I love my maiden name. It’s unique, catchy, and seems to be foundational for about 100+ nicknames that I acquired throughout my childhood and adult life. But when I faced the reality that someday it would be gone, I prayed to the Lord that I would one day have a strong last name.

I think I like God’s sense of humor.

So despite the loss of a pretty sa-weet last name, I think married life totally beats my single life. For those singles out there, love the place you’re at. We have by no means reached a place of greater maturity which justifies us being married.

Case in point: my husband once sacrificed his stomach to chug a bottle of blueberry syrup once and won himself $5. This was when we were dating.

Hmm. Maybe a more relevant story would be better…

2nd case in point: 2 days ago, my brother was paralyzed for a solid 10 minutes after said husband pulled out a Nerf gun the size of a small child and impaled said brother in the no-no’s. I laughed. And he did, too. Brother is still recovering.

So yes, we are loving the Married Club. For those recent members or upcoming members, let’s sip on the wine of good lovin’ and morning kisses that comes with this exclusive membership.


props to Chris McGuire Photography for this one.